Our services are developed according to our customer´s needs, considering their specific, global and strategic requirements. We focus on respond accordingly to the highest quality indicators.

Software Factory

Evolutionary and Corrective Development

Its main function is to provide design services, development and application testing.
This service also considers incorporating into the software factory, legacy applications from the client and proposes a process of continuous improvement of these applications.
Additionally it considers SQA (Software Qualtity Assurance), which has sophisticated tools and robotics stressing application testing.


  • Corrective: Consists on correcting errors of the installed system caused by a programming error in the source code font.
  • Complementary – Perfective: Optimization of the functionality or construction of new functions. Including analysis, redesign, code generation and testing to the resulting software.
  • Legal: In changes focalized on the modification of the software product of variations in the regulations.
  • Data: Modification of information recorded by actions not provided or covered by the functionality of systems, with appropriate controls and authorizations. Data Migration is not imply, as this activity is an independent project.
  • Evolutionary: Involves software modifications because of changes to the technological platform used. It is usually caused by the mismatch of the technological platform. This leads to changes in the communications platform or peripherals and also at the level of client and server computers.



Java -. NET – SQL Server – PL / SQL – PowerBuilder – Fox Pro Windows – Oracle – SQL Server – Delphi – HTML – Cobol – Cobol 400 – 400 RPG – VAX Cobol – among others.

Data Integration

Done by using ETL tools to extract, convert and load data between applications. Actually we use POWERCENTER and Gentran for Integration.

Data Integration and Business Intelligence

This service area prepare management information by using tools such Cognos, QlikView, Hyperion Essbase , among others.

Help Desk

Level 1

Provides a 7×24 service, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Offer the customer the assurance that their request will be resolved in the shortest time and with optimum results.
Offer bilingual assistance, Spanish / English.

Level 2

Delivery expert level support to each customer´s applications.
Receive the support requirements from by tickets and telephone and resolve it or drift to Level 3 (Application Software Factory).
It works with extended hours from 8 to 21 hours or according to customer needs.
Offer bilingual assistance Spanish / English.

Level 3

Software Factory – N3’s main objective is the corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the applications.

Technical Support

Corresponds to desk support service, including hardware, software and telephony, which must be delivered to users in both field and remotely in the client’s offices.

IT Consulting – Types of Evaluation

Computer Science Plan Evaluation

Takes into account the review of the organization´s commitments in Information Technology issues, but oriented to the Planning, Monitoring and Control in strict compliance and alignment with the Corporation´s strategies.

Computer Science Unit internal procedures evaluation

The goal is to evaluate the proper implementation of operational procedures to be executed by the Computer Science Unit as part of their daily duties, towards achieving the goals outlined within IT Plan.

DRP Evaluation: Disaster Recovery Plan

Is to set precise aspects of the service interruption possibility of electronic data processing.

Planning, Supervision and Control of Systems Audit

Basically sets the minimum necessary steps to properly finish any Systems Audit job, complying the lined objectives and delivering timely results.

Revisión y Evaluación de Seguridad Informática

Implica velar por la Confidencialidad, Integridad y Disponibilidad de la información que es procesada electrónicamente por los sistemas informáticos.

Computer Science Security Checking and Evaluation

Intends to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information electronically processed by the computer systems.

Risk Evaluation in Data Processing Centers Units

It consists on checking the physical facilities where the main computers that store and process the organization transactions are located, ensuring a timely availability in time.

Operational Continuity Planning Revision

The Operational Continuity pretends to set, (in a different way than a Disaster Recovery Plan), the alternative actions that should be executed in the absence of electronic data processing.

Processes Audit

Through a critical analysis, check the organization processes and / or operational cycles to identify weaknesses and suggest solutions to improve them.

Analysis and revision of contractual agreements relating to Information Technology

With the existing contractual background with suppliers of goods and services of Information Technology, determine the proper fulfillment in the execution and the respective payments that the organization must accomplish as retribution.

Development and Implementation of Computing Systems Process Audit

Evaluates the proper application of software development methods assuring the construction or implementation of quality tools.

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT)

An Audit tool that allows a substantive review and / or compliance.

Risk assessments, evaluation of non-authorized access and Information integrity

Process to identify, measure, monitor, limit, control, report and reveal the different risks types an organization is exposed to, taking into account the definition of a group of objectives, policies and procedures.

Application Control Evaluation

Intends to ensure the programmed application controls (final user access to functionality and data, Income of transactions, rejected or unprocessed stock and processing of transactions) work properly in order to guarantee the information safety and reliability.

Coding Service

El Servicio de Codificación es una extensión de la Mesa de Ayuda, cumple un rol de Nivel 3 de soporte. Su objetivo final es la The Coding Service is a Help Desk extension, and works as a Support Level 3.

Their ultimate objective is to control the code administration in the master entities of the customer´s systems.
This Coding service receives requirements from different places around the world to access, delete or modify master codes within the customer´s enterprise applications.

Business Intelligence

Supported by Tools and Processes, BBT Business Intelligence Area, helps customers to transform raw data into valuable information, which when correctly analyzed allows an accurate choice making process thus giving the company a valuable competitive edge.

By ETL Processes (extract, transform and load data), data models are generated specifically designed to be exploited by tools that facilitate the analysis, displaying information in a more simple and easy to interpret way.

In BBT, we join all our capacity and the best technology to design and implement solutions that take full advantage of existing information in your company.


BBT uses this kind of tools to help our customers to give solution to the problems derived from incoming data from different information sources, creating processes that collect, transform and consolidate data, trying to give the user a clear and integrated vision of all that happens within the organization.