Container Tracking System (CTS)



Technology Used


Product Description

The main System objective is to receive, process, validate and register all the containers movements (Containers activities), these movements can be reported through different information sources. The application has been sourced with a powerfull processing and validation engine to track every container movement of the fleet, allowing to have at every moment a full consistency of the trip-contanier movements.

The Container Tracking System (CTS) has been design to monitor the status and location of each container that belongs to a fleet, tracking activities developed per container, ensuring high availability  to offer the services that can be provided by the containers.

The Container Tracking System (CTS) has the capability to track the containers considering several points of origins, thus the system has been design to process a High Volume of Data simultaneously.

Among the functionalities, the system has the capability to load data from Shipping EDI services, making easy the data load among different sources.

The system is scalable due to the facility to include processing engines, if amount of data demands higher processing capabilities.

The system functionalities allows:



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