Cargo Sales Planner (CSP)


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Product Description

Cargo Sales Planner (CSP) is a Web based Application created to provide Sales Projection and how goods should be distributed in an optimal way inside the ships getting the optimal ship’s cargo.  The application supports to solve essential questions regarding the estimated ships cargo.: “how many containers do I need to load the ship”, “how to distribute empty containers in the ship”, “how much should I load the ship”, etc.

CSP provides throughout reports information about the cargo process by stages (demand, validation, agency proposal, Trade Manager adjustments, estimations ) and also reports tied to the roles in the process (Sales, supervisor, TradeManager, Sales Planner). Including functionalities to support export and import excel spreadsheet to adjust and reload with optimal ships’ cargo.

The application has been designed to support shipping companies businesses from small to big ones, to provide the optimizing distribution and assignment of the ship’s cargo.

CSP allows the management of the sales estimations by agency, ship, sales representative and customer;  provide optimized tracking and information analysis, permitting adjustment to the estimations and use of the historical information as the starting point to estimate sales for the next period.

Features and Functionalities:


Please contact if you are interested either to get more information about the product or to arrange a demo.

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