Our Executive Team, gather more than 20 years of experience, provide support and advice to companies in different trades. Supplying specialized skills and current theoretical models, we guarantee excellent service obtained through our constantly updated and ongoing training.

We have an extensive network of services to our clients in different countries. In Chile we operate offices in Region Metropolitana and Valparaiso.

We perform ongoing advice and personalized service to our customers, focused on delivering innovative products and specialized services, we create the necessary changes to business growth.

We work accordingly to the needs of each client, providing a seal of excellence in service. We are committed to delivering high quality standards in each of our operations.

Into Shipping and Cargo Industries, successful projects developed, give us a solid experience into the Market.


BBT mission is to became a Leading Enterprise in Chile and the world, providing IT services going from Computing Science Project Execution to System Outsourcing and Business Process to any organization who´s willing to let their systems at expert hands obtaining the best cost / benefit in the market.


To be the Experts into Shipping and Cargo Industries, Banking and Mining, who think globally and act locally delivering the best value in IT systems and services.


We made permanent and personalized advice to our clients, focused on delivering innovative products and specialized services, we create the changes needed for business growth.




Ethically in everything we do and every one of the things we do.

With respect to the law, morality and all people.

Thinking that the sum of all is a multiplier effect.

Seeking to be the best at what we do.

Viewing the glass always half full.

Based on self-motivation.

Always putting ourselves in the place of the customer to understand and exceed their expectations.

Having our commitments always clear and fulfilling them timely and responsibly.

Viewing at all times and in all we do the opportunity to innovate and make things better.

We consider our customer, the focus of what we do.